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Service now live in 18 circles across India

Mumbai, March 19, 2012: Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, has launched WorldSpace Radio across 18 circles in India. Customers can now listen to more than 100000 songs across 10 channels, using their mobile handset.

Worldspace Radio service on Vodafone is live in Uttar Pradesh East & West, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Mumbai, Biha r, Kerala, Rest of Bengal, Assam, North East, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Chennai. Vodafone India customers can avail this service at a price of Rs. 30/month along with 300 minutes of free usage.

To activate this service, users in these circles can call 58000 (toll free) Or SMS ACT Wradio to 111 (toll free) or USSD on *514*580#

Vodafone India customers, through this service, will have access to all the genres of music round-the-clock, ranging from old Hindi films, regional folk songs and ghazals. This service also offers song collections around various themes that include love songs, sentimental gems and artiste-specials that users can browse through to enjoy at their convenience. Users can thus get the same old stations that they once grew to love -Radio Falak for its ghazals, a bouquet of stations for regional languages including Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi and the 4 southern languages, and Radio Farishta for old Hindi film songs - brought to you by Timbre Media -the very same team of radio professionals who introduced genre based radio in India with Worldspace.

Vodafone India has tied up with Timbre Media in association with Saregama to provide its customers with the best of radio/music programming and sound packaging. Timbre Media specializes in genre-based radio programming in popular songs and Ghazals in Hindi (old and new), International music, Carnatic & Hindustani classical, songs in regional languages viz. Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, and spiritual and wellness content. For Content, Saregama owns nearly 50 percent of all the music recorded in India in 28 languages; bringing with it the largest repository of the country’s musical heritage.
India and Timbre Media Announce Equity-based Strategic Partnership

Partnership aims to bring back the WorldSpace legacy of high-quality and variety of genre-based radio channels

Saregama India Ltd. and Timbre Media Pvt. Ltd. announced a strategic alliance under which Saregama has acquired a 10% equity stake in Timbre Media and the two parties will partner to provide a high-quality and variety of genre-based radio channels to the Indian market.

With this, the Saregama India-Timbre Media alliance brings back the legacy of WorldSpace radio whose name is synonymous with genre-based programming excellence. The two companies plan to use content from Saregama’s industry-leading and extensive library as well as from other popular labels to provide unparalleled 24-hour stations of Indian music ranging from old Hindi films, Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, new Hindi music, ghazals to stations in all major Indian languages.

Saregama India and Timbre Media plan to leverage the distribution network of Saregama and the Timbre Media-developed channels to target the digital domains of mobile, Internet and Direct-to-Home television services. “This is a very logical alliance for Saregama as it takes us to the next stage in the value chain with our content. This also marks our entry into the ever growing “Mobile Radio” market. We believe that there is still a very loyal customer base that appreciates the quality that the Timbre team provided previously on WorldSpace. Through this alliance we will endeavor to bring the same quality and serve this product in all possible digital formats including Mobile, DTH and the Internet,” says Mr. Adarsh Gupta, Business Head – Music at Saregama India.

Mr. Apurv Nagpal, Managing Director, Saregama India, commented on the alliance, calling it a significant step forward for Saregama into the digital domain, “We believe that together, we will bring back the customer delight for evolved radio listening through this alliance.”

“We’re poised to take the big step now. Since early 2010 we have established the critical infrastructure needed for high quality services, including new studio facilities in Mumbai and Bangalore, and have been steadily building partnerships and clientele in the radio and music industry. Saregama, of course, needs no introduction – its history is the history of recorded music in our nation. The partnership with Saregama provides a tremendous boost to our ability to package and distribute quality music content and with them on our side we believe that we are in a strong position to reach a very broad audience and grow rapidly,” said Mr. M. Sebastian, Co- founder and CEO, Timbre Media.

Ms. Seetal R. Iyer, Co-Founder and Head of Content, Timbre Media, said, “Timbre Media was formed in 2010 and has drawn experience from professionals involved with Worldspace earlier. We focused on returning those lost stations of Worldspace to the people. For the listeners, this means that their favourite WorldSpace stations like Farishta, Jhankaar, Gandharv, and Shruti, to name a few, will be back again soon on various platforms, programmed for them by the same team.”

Saregama India is a flagship company of the Entertainment Sector of RPG Enterprises and is the largest and oldest label in India dating back to the first-ever recorded music in India over 100 years ago. With the largest music archive and catalogue in India, Saregama owns over half of all the music ever recorded in India.

Timbre Media is a brand new beginning to a legacy of world-class music programming and was created as a new media venture by the erstwhile employees of WorldSpace Satellite Radio. Starting in early 2010, Timbre Media has established new studios in Bangalore and Mumbai and currently delivers customized and other premium audio content to customers in India and overseas. Timbre Media has also secured an exclusive license to use the WorldSpace brand.
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