One of the biggest challenges for any company is keeping employees interested enough to come into work feeling positive and productive every single day. Nothing pleases the bosses like someone enthusiastic about the work they do. But, getting employees to feel this way by themselves is quite hard, and as employers, you can make their ‘stay’ as pleasant as possible. Here are 10 ways to keep employees’ interest and productivity levels going even in the toughest circumstances. 1. Cut out the Distractions Different employees have different styles of working. Some are glued to their desks, some walkabout, and chitchat with people they bump into, andRead More →

Ease of doing business means something different these days. It means that post Covid -19, the world has to rethink the way it buys, sells, connects, and communicates. At Timbre Media, we create our podcasts, corporate shows, and content streams taking such change into consideration. We have created content for clients which discusses the various perspectives about personal reinvention in the post-Coronavirus world. In this blog, we address corporate reinvention and the recovery checklist being followed by assorted businesses around the world. Adjustment and recovery Michelle Greenwald, author, and professor writes in Forbes that almost every business has been impacted by the pandemic. The challenge,Read More →

Social interaction is often fraught with anxiety and nervousness. But equally challenging can be the total absence of contact as we try to work from home, and struggle to hide our real feelings from those who are looking at us for emotional cues. We at Timbre Media continue to connect a large cross section of people via informative podcasts and music programming but working from home has been a challenge for us as well. And we realise that the questions we face today are not unique but universal. How can we all remain strong if we don’t acknowledge our vulnerabilities? Dr. Brené Brown is aRead More →