Timbre Media’s content team has over two decades of experience in radio programming and content. We help new entrants in the radio & entertainment space set-up their FM stations from the ground up. We assist media houses get their radio stations up-and-running by employing proven strategies in the various aspects of a successful radio station: market & audience research, content ideation, budgeting, training on-air talent, broadcasting operations, etc. From day zero all the way to launch day, Timbre Media’s radio experts ensure that your world-class FM radio station is on-air quickly and efficiently, offering your target audience the best in radio entertainment.

Check out our success stories to find out how Timbre Media leveraged technology and the best talent to successfully build and run an FM station in the Middle East with hosts based in various manlocations. .



Brand stores are a thing of pride: for all purposes, they are the brand itself. Retail stores represent the best of any brand, whether it be the quality of products, their understanding of a consumer’s desires, or the quality of service. And nothing pleases customers more than a pleasant, sophisticated, and comforting ambience.

From high-end, cosmopolitan luxe brands to office wear and corporate casuals; from upscale malls to large retail chains with hundreds of locations across geographies; from coffee shops and restaurants to microbreweries, Timbre Media has created bespoke in-store music and radio solutions for India’s leading brands. Using our platform, your brand can also seamlessly communicate promotional offers, festive offers, sales etc. in every store, with customisations for each location.

Our music experts design a chic ambience and show meticulous attention to detail, making your stores a memorable customer experience.



Timbre Media has successfully collaborated with India’s leading telecom companies, curating multi-genre, multi-language content that reached millions of Indian users. As the penetration of mobile phones reached the remotest parts of the country, telecom operators strove to offer specialised content as part of their Value-Added Services (VAS). Timbre Media produced, curated, and delivered both music and non-music content, in the form of high-quality radio stations as well as on-demand playlists, that attracted large numbers of loyal listeners for each of the telecom providers. Get in touch with us to find out more about how our audio expertise can help your company improve its reach in a crowded market.



With media and OTT companies offering an ever-growing variety of content, many of our devices now serve as full-fledged entertainment units. We can also listen to the radio on TV, podcasts whenever we need some insights, and music on the go. Thanks to the audio solutions offered by Timbre Media, getting to your favorite content is now a breeze

Our team offers music and non-music content in all major Indian languages in the comfort of your homes. Whatever your choice - early-morning spiritual & devotional music; upbeat daytime playlists in a language of your choice; relaxing music that brings your day to a soothing end; comforting guided meditations to calm your mind; or lively talk radio that can light up your weekends - with such a range of choices available, people can now have the very best in personalised content at their fingertips. Get in touch with us to find out more.


The Future Of Learning

As the education sector in India increasingly embraces online education, Timbre Media is helping transform this vital industry. Tutorials for entrance examinations form a big part of our country’s education system. Students  spend months, sometimes years, preparing for the big day. Timbre Media has collaborated with one of India’s most renowned coaching institutes to make this phenomenal content available in the form of podcasts.

We are creating audio on the latest educational content spanning thousands of hours, which will prove incredibly useful for students aspiring to succeed in their chosen medical and engineering entrance exams.

“In these times when people are stuck at home, the radio has been an amazing initiative to reach out to the last man standing across the globe. The experience is just amazing. Quality is at par with any professional FM radio and the RJs – especially Supriya – for sure are one notch better. The technical and support teams are just amazing. We could have not asked for anything better in these times for our employees. Thank you for partnering with us”.

President, HR Essar Capital & Chief Executive Officer, Essar Foundation