Event Based Radio Programming

Infotainment redefined

‘young’ and ‘dynamic’

Planning the sound of a corporate event requires bearing in mind the diverse tastes and sensibilities of the audience, getting the right message across succinctly and ensuring recall value.

The team at Timbre Media excels at creating soundscapes for such events, striking the right balance between information and entertainment. Timbre designs event-based radio with

  • Experienced RJs and MCs who are at ease interviewing a wide cross-section of attendees from guest speakers in various fields to top management
  • An innovative audio production & design team
  • A team of experienced writers

to create content that ensures maximum engagement with listeners.

Timbre Media was approached by Microsoft India to help generate interest and awareness around an annual event on gender diversity that brings together women from across the company’s offices in India. Timbre Media complemented the live panel discussions, special speakers and interactive break-out sessions through a series of radio programs tailored to build excitement towards the event. The radio content included

  • A unique and popular audio logo for the radio series
  • Information such as details of the venue, registration information
  • Event theme and etiquette
  • RJ talk with emphasis on Microsoft D&I policies
  • Interesting news about the company
  • Music requests from employees

The content was formatted to feel like Microsoft’s own FM radio station. Timbre’s host was also requested to be the anchor person for the live event, proving the easiness with which radio connects with listeners. The shows, with their balanced perspectives from across employee hierarchy, celebrity speakers and invited panelists were very well received, leading to four more successful years of association with Microsoft.

Timbre has provided similar event-specific radio content for D-Tunes for Deloitte, Radio TAB for Fidelity, Take A Bow; Head Above Clouds, as part of GE Women’s Network Campaign; podcasts for the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN).

We have also provided custom radio shows for weddings. A client approached Timbre to design the sound for his very own Great Indian Wedding! In family-driven events such as weddings, the emphasis is on creating the appropriate sound, crafting the right playlist and getting everyone involved in all the excitement. We carefully handpicked the music in accordance with the wishes of the bride and groom. Peppy RJ talk added further excitement to the event, and the families of the bride and groom got a chance to be on-air and express their love and dedicate songs, making their special day even more memorable.

From the grand vision of corporate India’s policies to the special moments of a loved one’s wedding – we at Timbre Media have the right sound for your event.

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