Training Services

World class training via radio

As the Indian economy continues to expand, companies in India are looking to embrace best practices from around the world. Employee training has become crucial for organizations aspiring to global success.

Timbre Media offers world class voice and audio production services for an array of training needs across industries, sectors and functions.

An international automobile company with manufacturing facilities in India approached Timbre Media about implementing an audio stream to train new employees in the fundamentals of their processes.

This radio service would serve as a training tool across multiple locations.

Timbre Media programmed content for the audio stream to resemble the format of a radio station, entertaining while also effectively informing and educating the listener with hosts talking about training subjects, addressing specifics where required, while keeping the overall tone conversational. For instance, besides the actual training material, content included the company’s vision & mission, communication from senior leaders, information regarding amenities & facilities, spotlight on CSR activities, guidelines, communication etiquette etc.

The training service was received successfully and proved very popular with the audience as well as management, imparting value and creating close relationships by leveraging the ease with which radio can help organizations connect with employees on a more personal level.

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