MAR 2024
Bite-Sized Brilliance from Repurposed content
I put the Holi weekend to good use with a trip to the salon. As the stylist offered me pointers on being summer-ready hair-wise, I scrolled through reels for other unsolicited and free advice across domains 😊

The season for spring/summer hacks seems to be upon us – aam panna from the Rajasthani home chef, Japan travel tips for the Sakura season, how to prevent a prized balcony plant from being burnt to a crisp, a skinfluencer with a sunscreen review, and a finfluencer on the need for an investment strategy review at the start of the FY. The last one is sponsored by a BFSI brand and is a great example of content designed to serve twin purposes: product awareness and brand recall. BFSI also happens to be a segment that we at Timbre Media are doing some of the most fun work for right now.

If your Sunday copy of The Economic Times hasn’t already been delivered to the raddiwala (or used to sweep up kanda-batata peels, as is often the case in my home), I recommend the article Voice of Pod on how podcasts are becoming popular with entrepreneurs and brands. The piece also noted that content created for podcasts can serve a multitude of purposes. Reels, for example. At Timbre, we’ve always urged clients to consider repurposing the content we create for them across mediums. A good partner should enable it all. Podcast creation at Timbre, for example, involves a team of writers, anchors, sound and video designers, social media experts, and marketing and broadcast specialists, whose job it is to make yours easier 😊

I quote a neuroscientist who quoted Albert Einstein in another Sunday newspaper article on how nostalgia can turn toxic. “Never memorise anything that can be looked up.” Our proposition is similar. Why multiplicate effort?

On a related note, check out our new series on financial awareness in partnership with International Money Matters Pvt. Ltd. It’s on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other platforms. Simmply Lovaii features IMMPL founder Lovaii Navlakhi, and on episode 1 he’ll be handing out a financial planning checklist for this time of the year. Let’s make some serious money!