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The power of music to connect, to empathize, to elevate and to evoke is universal. Music envelops us nearly every waking moment, resonating with our innermost thoughts. It informs and influences our choices and our individual faculties every bit as much as logic.

Find out how Timbre Media helps in FM radio consulting, radio broadcasting services, radio hosting services, radio streaming services, customized radio solutions, and music streaming services for corporates and enterprises.

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    Learn more about Timbre Media. We offer customized radio content for multiple broadcast platforms, packaged music and non-music content in various formats tailored to suit your business needs.



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    Timbre Media's unmatched radio expertise is a brand new beginning to WorldSpace Satellite Radio's legacy of world-class music programming.

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    Timbre Media has been at the forefront of pioneering radio services for business organizations and internal communications. Check out our latest blogs to know more.

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    • 2020-08-01

      The UN selects Timbre Media’s work for its Covid-19 awareness campaign.

      The UN sent out a brief to create content for effective public health messaging about Covid-19, combining accuracy with accessibility. At Timbre, we took this on as both a creative as well as a communication challenge. From using traditional tunes to adapting folk styles that have ready cultural context, we created pieces that we hoped would be interesting, but more importantly, useful. We are delighted to say that our efforts have borne fruit. Our work has been selected for the UN global campaign. We hope you’ll listen to them, learn from them, and share them. Masked and sanitised and from 6 ft away, with love, Timbre Media.https://unitednations.talenthouse.com/artworks/2305757 https://unitednations.talenthouse.com/artworks/2305247 https://unitednations.talenthouse.com/artworks/2305462 https://unitednations.talenthouse.com/artworks/2304798 https://unitednations.talenthouse.com/artworks/2304352


      Timbre Media launches a one-of-a-kind API for customized corporate radio

      Timbre Media’s Corporate Radio for Internal Communications & HR Applications has successfully helped organizations connect with employees in an innovative manner using music and audio technology since 2011. In line with evolving trends, Timbre Media has launched a new product suite - a one-of-a-kind API that offers clients a customized infotainment layer which can be seamlessly integrated with the organization’s own mobile app or website. This API gives clients smoother control over important functions like information dissemination, employee induction, employee engagement and empowerment through L&D etc. The content will be available as podcasts that can be customized to geographic locations. With this breakthrough interface, Timbre Media makes customized and fully integrated communication easier for business organizations, cutting through the clutter accurately and connecting everyone in the organization faster.Contact Us to find out more.

    • 2019-12-30

      Timbre Media Collaborates with Aditya Birla Group

      Timbre Media has successfully completed a 6-month (July to Dec 2019) podcast series for the Aditya Birla Group as a lead up to its much awaited annual rewards and recognition event - The Aditya Birla Awards 2019 - where the winners were felicitated by ABG Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla at a glitzy celebration.The podcast series The Red Carpet was rolled out for the creme de la creme of the group's several companies as a celebration of individual excellence. The podcast, which was made available to employees via the group's internal app and portal, had Timbre Media’s co-founder Seetal Iyer as the designated RJ. On this radio-format podcast, Seetal chatted with award nominees and winners, leaders, and other employees across the AB group about their personal and professional journeys. She says of the experience, "What an experience this has been - I learnt Meerut was famous for scissors, what the work life of a metallurgist is all about, what D Shivakumar, AB Group Head of strategy and Business, had to say of leadership and failure and more. Different stories but how amazing to see how everyone I spoke to (over 100 people) was clear about the core values of the group, no matter which company they worked for and in what function."The podcast series was aimed at inspiring people to excel, encouraging the pursuit of a fuller life including focus on health and wellness, drumming up excitement around the awards ceremony in mid-December, and documenting personal stories of success at the ABG group.

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