Your Audiobook, Perfected

Allow us to breathe life into your narrative. At Timbre Media, our team of expert producers and skilled voice actors is dedicated to creating professional audiobooks that captivate your audience.

We specialise in voice recording services and voiceover production, ensuring every word is delivered with precision and emotion. Our commitment to sound engineering guarantees a high-quality listening experience.

But we don't stop there. We go the extra mile by distributing your audiobook to over 45 platforms, including Audible, Apple, Google, and Kobo. Trust us to not only produce but also share your audiobook with a vast online audience, bringing your story to life for listeners around the world.


From Manuscript to Masterpiece

In the realm of audiobook distribution, we know no borders. Our aim at Timbre Media is to connect your stories with a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries and language barriers. We leverage our robust network of distribution platforms to ensure your audiobook reaches every corner of the world. With us, your narrative becomes a worldwide phenomenon, resonating with listeners from all walks of life. We also provide world-class post-production services that amplify the essence of your work, making it more appealing to an international audience. This not only gives voice to your story but also widens its reach by presenting it to the right audience.

“Timbre’s expertise and experience have played an important role in building and scaling our global podcast. We wish them continued success.”

Chief Executive Officer
Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA)