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Count on us for all your radio needs. With extensive experience in the Middle East and India, along with a team of award-winning experts, we provide a comprehensive suite of radio services, ranging from setting up internet radio stations to broadcasting software for online radio and even digital music library setup. At Timbre Media, we excel in every aspect of radio operations, from production to programming and content strategies. Our deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge solutions ensure that your radio endeavours are not only seamless but also poised for success. When you choose Timbre Media, you're selecting a trusted partner with a proven track record in the field. Let us help you navigate the world of radio with confidence and expertise.


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Our content experts are well-versed in curating radio programs that resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring a perfect blend of entertainment and information. At Timbre Media, we understand the dynamic nature of the radio industry and constantly innovate to stay ahead of emerging trends. Our technical team works tirelessly, deploying state-of-art resources for online radio stations that guarantees superior sound quality and uninterrupted service. From planning to production, every step is meticulously handled with a focus on excellence and efficiency. We're not just about providing services; we're about crafting exceptional radio experiences that make a difference.

“Timbre Media has been a great partner. Their professionalism, creative approach and fast turn around have prompted us to go all the way to Bangalore from Singapore, to partner with Timbre. It has been a pleasure working with the Timbre team. ”

Managing Director
Saregama India Ltd