Who We Are:
Timbre Media specialises in video, written, and audio content creation and design. Our strategic content planning and design skills have made us India's top choice for organisations looking to engage with their employees and a larger audience for over a decade. Our journey builds on WorldSpace India's genre-based radio programming in many languages. See some of our biggest achievements.
Our Speciality:
While podcasting is our base, we believe our content production and strategy go beyond audio. Our track record shows how our compelling multimedia content keeps remote employees informed, engaged, and productive. India Inc. trusts us to create engaging audio, video, and textual content for their internal and external audiences because we excel at it. Explore our audio, video and textual content. Timbre Media expertise in media production also extends to  Audiobooks, Radio Consultancy and SEO-based Written Content Publishing.

Our Reach:
Leading brands and companies across industries and geographies use our audio, video, and written communications. We know that content and technology must give value to our clients in a changing world. As Timbre Media moves forward, we will continue to develop technologies that benefit you and your workers worldwide. Learn how Timbre Media's products aid HR and senior management in managing internal and external communication.
Our Clients:
We work with Deloitte, TCS, Infosys, Amazon, Microsoft, and others as business and brand podcast pioneers. See our success stories and client testimonials.


We consider every customer requirement a unique opportunity to offer different, rich and compelling content. At Timbre Media, we combine state-of-the-art technological tools and the best creative treatment to provide end-to-end services to a large number of marquee clients. Our highly committed and talented team has made a habit of venturing into uncharted territory, turning every content, technology, and distribution challenge into an opportunity for industry-leading innovation. The years ahead promise to be really exciting as Timbre Media continues to define and deliver the future of content.

Mathewkutty Sebastian

CEO & Co-Founder

We are perhaps the only podcasters in India with the length and breadth of experience to help India Inc voice its commitment to employees and the external ecosystem. 2020 was an inflection point for Timbre Media, with several companies deriving substantive value from our communication offerings, podcasting, and video shows. Together, we consistently engaged remote workforces on a variety of issues like Covid-19, vaccination, business continuity, rewards & recognition, and more. Podcasts are integral to the reimagination of workplaces, and we have demonstrated their immense value in keeping a physically dispersed workforce informed, connected, and productive.

Seetal R Iyer

Head of Content & Co-Founder

We always employ state-of-the-art technology, staying current on emerging trends that advance content production, curation, delivery, and distribution. This holistic, tech-forward approach is a core value at Timbre Media, interlinking technology, business, and people. Timbre Media strives towards innovations that deliver value, and in a world that is witnessing sweeping changes, we believe the best advances in technology are those that offer maximal value to our customers.

M.S. Hemant

Head of Tech Ops & Co-Founder



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