State of The Art Studios

Experience a new level of excellence in audio production with Timbre Media. We provide top-notch studio solutions on the strength of our expertise in studio layout and design, setting up recording studios, and installing audio equipment. Our team specialises in creating optimal studio environments through meticulous studio layout and design, ensuring that your creative space is acoustically perfect. We also excel at setting up recording studios with premium equipment to elevate your audio production to unparalleled heights. With Timbre Media by your side, we don't just provide solutions; we transform your creative projects. Let us help you achieve audio production excellence through our comprehensive studio solutions and expert services.


Realise Your Creative Vision

Our innovative approach to audio ensures that every sound resonates with utmost clarity and precision, deeply engaging your audience. As masters of recording facilities, we understand the intricacies of acoustics, allowing us to design studios that amplify your creative output. We understand that the quality of your work is profoundly influenced by the space in which it is created, hence we ensure that every detail of our recording studios enhances your creativity. Using premium equipment, we fine-tune each studio to meet the unique acoustics needs of your project. Our team's unparalleled expertise in setting up and designing studios translates into a space that mirrors your creative vision perfectly.

“Timbre Media has been a great partner. Their professionalism, creative approach and fast turn around have prompted us to go all the way to Bangalore from Singapore, to partner with Timbre. It has been a pleasure working with the Timbre team. ”

Managing Director
Saregama India Ltd