Employer Branding

Every company and employer is a brand by itself, and the image of your agency plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining the best talent.

Young people today want to work in companies they see as cool, socially aware, and that are making a difference. Many even research their employers thoroughly. Addressing such a wide range is a challenge for consistent, quick, effective communication. And traditional means of communication – emails, newsletters, booklets, handouts – are either not equipped to answer the range of questions asked, or are cumbersome.

Employer branding plays a big role in determining the all-important cultural fit. Companies that are more adept at shaping perceptions positively do better in this regard than organizations that are more complacent about how their employees view them. Because word of mouth is a real thing.

Timbre Media’s customized radio and podcasts are extremely efficient at overcoming the challenges of employer branding solutions or employer branding services. Employer branding agency or employer branding consulting firms create radio streams and podcasts that establish a professionally curated 360-degree perspective of your company that sends out a positive message.

Here’s a snapshot of how we do this:

Timbre Media can create corporate radio shows and podcasts that project your company’s strengths, employee friendly policies, and benefits. It can outline how a young person’s career benefits from your company’s encouragement, as well as incubation and development of fresh ideas. Interviews and smaller capsules with founders and senior leaders – easily accessible on mobiles and laptops at any time – help bring employees and management closer, bridging divides that have earlier proven unproductive.

Most importantly, such an experience from an employer branding consultant creates happy memories for your employees so that they associate joy, synergy, a vibrant work culture, and rewarding teamwork with your brand always. A happy employee is the ideal brand ambassador. And Timbre Media’s audio solutions are the most effective way of ensuring your new employees know the great things your company does, how you do them, and the immense value you create.

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