Learning and Development Services

Training & Development has become crucial for organizations aspiring to global success. Because the one unassailable truth of the 21st century is that tech and business ecosystems are evolve at a rapid pace. Corporate training companies have merged, been acquired, switched entire business models because the cutting edge is fast and merciless to those it leaves behind. In today’s world, 10 years is too long a period to go without acquiring new skills. It has become imperative for organizations to have training and development solutions that help upskill employees quickly and successfully without incurring large expenses.

Timbre Media, the corporate training company offers world-class audio solutions for training and development services, learning and development services, corporate training services, training services via radio, and employee training services. Our learning and development solutions can help train your workforce in the quickest manner, and with great flexibility: for instance, they can get access to experts from around the world who will address their specific scenarios.

Soft skills like etiquette, communication, leadership have gained immense importance and are making a huge difference in results. However, imparting such skills has been a mixed bag for most organizations. Timbre Media’s training and development services via radio can create podcasts that address challenges like upskilling, soft skills, and subjects that create value for every individual. For example, Personal Finance 101, Stress Management for Dummies etc. Our L&D programs are very effective at creating awareness about HR practices & policies, and sensitizing employees to topics like cross-cultural etiquette or sexual harassment, which require nuanced mentoring.

Our content is available in multiple formats – from individual presentations, interviews with experts, even audio documentaries.

How Timbre Media’s L&D solutions work:

An MNC carmaker asked Timbre Media to implement an audio stream that would train Indian employees in the fundamentals of their processes – essentially, an audio training tool across multiple locations.

Timbre Media’s audio stream resembled a radio station that blended information with entertainment. The hosts talked about training subjects but kept the tone conversational and relatable. The content, which won acclaim across the organization, included the company’s vision & mission, communication from senior leaders, CSR initiatives, etiquette etc.

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