Great music, great conversations, unforgettable experiences

Music is an integral part of consumer experience. The attention to the minutest details and the extreme care taken to make every bit the best it can be, requires a content partner who can complement that care and finesse. Timbre Media has been a pioneer in providing bespoke music and radio services to the hospitality industry. Timbre’s suite of music services for hospitality spans diverse genres of music that flow seamlessly, adapting to the ambience, time-of-day and the mood you wish to convey.

Hotels and resorts are a home away from home. At the heart of getting the ‘feel’ of a hotel right lies the creation of the right ambience – a fine balance of familiar comfort in unfamiliar surroundings.

Music helps create the right atmosphere no matter where we are. Timbre Media’s music experts have conceptualized music mixes to create distinct sound signatures for every element of hotels. The right music can relax guests in the hotel lobby, enhance and communicate the theme of a restaurant, brighten conversations in the coffee shop, soothe the soul in a spa, electrify the ambience at the gym, and put a spring in your step in the club. Creating the soundtrack to the guest’s holiday – effectively yet unobtrusively – can enhance the spirit of the holiday, and leave the guests with a memorable experience.

Cafés have become upwardly mobile India’s go-to spot for socialising. Young people have made cafés their places of choice to see and be seen. Informal chats to serious discussions, as we well know, a lot can and does happen over coffee. And with a well-travelled customer base increasingly more aware of international tastes and experiences, fine-dining too has taken off in more sophisticated and authentic ways than ever.

For a place whose USP is youthful exuberance and a celebration of joie de vivre, it’s almost imperative that music play an important role in its identity. In an environment quite so heavily invested in being ‘hip’, each establishment is trying to one up the other with newer ideas, fresher gimmicks, and a more innovative sound signature. It’s here that Timbre excels.

Pubs and microbreweries have become immensely popular as places to spend quality time with friends. As young people in India increasingly turn to brewpubs for after-work relaxation, the music in these pubs plays a very central role in creating and sustaining the right ambience as well as customer interest.

Timbre Media has designed and implemented audio solutions for high end brewpubs in India, earning recognition and loyalty from clients who are sticklers for detail. With Timbre Media’s experience in designing music for pubs and microbreweries, you can rest assured that your customers are having a fantastic time.

Timbre Media

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