Bring stories to life

Going for a run? Commuting to work? Stuck in interminable traffic jams? Then why not have Dickens transport you to Victorian London or RK Narayan to Malgudi or learn a new language! We aim to fit in as much as possible in the little time we have available. It’s no surprise then that audiobooks are proving so popular.

The award-winning Indian publishing house DC Books was expanding with a special focus on audiobooks for children. They wanted the stories to come alive, with state of the art sound design and evocative narration that would give flight to a child’s imagination – world class products they could take international. Timbre Media’s extensive database of voice artistes including award-winning documentary narrators, singers, and theatre artistes meant we could pick just the right voices that were proficient with Indian intonation while retaining a neutral accent, in order to appeal to the global market. Our intensive audio production enhanced the storytelling. Timbre Media is hailed among the top audiobook production services and audiobook recording companies India. Making an audiobooks took over 100 hours to produce and included

  • Innovative sound effects
  • Music for every mood, action and event in each of the stories
  • Separate music motifs for every story
  • Voice processing to communicate & differentiate the various characters in the stories; distinctive attributes for each of the characters

Upon completion, the audiobooks received acclaim on par with the best in class products. The books are now available on leading international audiobook platforms like Audible. In a market brimming with children’s audiobooks, Timbre Media’s products distinguish themselves as a carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind audiobook collection, unmatched in listener experience.