In – Store Music

conveys elegance and contemporary finesse…

‘young’ & ‘Chic’

An in-store customer experience that conveys elegance and contemporary finesse…

In the age of social media, shopping is no longer a mere utilitarian activity. It is an experience. The customer seeks, even identifies with, an experience that goes beyond the mere buying of goods; he/she expects a chic ambience, attention to detail and a shopping excursion that they can share with friends. Retail chains these days endeavour to make the experience of shopping at their establishments unique and strive to come up with novel ways to enhance the recall value of their business.

Timbre Media has conceptualised and executed top flight in-store music solutions and in-store radio solutions for India’s leading apparel brands. ColorPlus consulted with Timbre Media regarding the creation of a distinctly upscale background music experience in their stores. With over 100 stores in premium locations across India aimed at a target group comprising middle and senior management professionals, the brand wanted to craft an in-store customer experience that conveyed elegance and contemporary finesse that distinguishes it from the competition.

Timbre Media crafted a selection of music comprising the best in the upbeat lounge, trip-hop, and chill house music that is lively yet very sophisticated much like the brand. Our sound designers, with their fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s ‘in’, achieved the impossible, marrying these otherwise dissonant genres of music into a seamless, fresh sound. The music solution was implemented on Timbre Media’s proprietary automation platform PlayTM. With the brand’s further expansion, including in the Middle East, Timbre’s music solution now spans continents, and our international sound has gone truly international.

We have tailored in-store music solutions in a wide variety of genres for various other clients – Megamart, Oberon Mall, Snap Fitness, to name but a few.

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