Event Based Radio Programming

Communicating the spirit of events within an organization – like product launches, celebrations, diversity initiatives, awards, surveys, town hall meetings, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations – is often a challenge. Think of this as event promotion or brand promotion for your own organization, within your organization.

Timbre Media excels at creating soundscapes for corporate events by striking the right balance between information and entertainment. Timbre designs event-based radio with

  • Experienced RJs and MCs who are at ease interviewing a wide cross-section of attendees from guest speakers in various fields to top management
  • An innovative audio production team
  • A team of experienced writers

to create content that ensures maximum engagement with the event, the concepts, and the company’s brand.

From promoting upcoming events to new concepts, from explaining how new products work to changes in policies & processes, Timbre Media’s solutions have proven extremely successful at creating awareness and increasing participation using engaging, interactive infotainment that builds a groundswell of excitement.

Timbre Media was approached by an American tech MNC to generate interest and awareness for an annual gender diversity event that brings together women from across the company’s India offices. Timbre Media complemented the live panel discussions, special speakers, and interactive break-out sessions through a series of radio programs that included

  • A unique and popular audio logo for the radio series
  • Information like details of the venue, registration
  • Event theme and etiquette
  • RJ talk with emphasis on the company’s D&I policies
  • Interesting news about the company
  • Music requests from employees

This engagement was so successful that our on-air host was also requested to anchor the live event! The radio shows, with their balanced perspectives, celebrity speakers, and panelists, were very well received, leading to many years of association with the organization.

Timbre has since provided successful event-specific radio content and event promotion solutions that improved registrations and awareness for events by organizations including one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations, an Indian IT major, an investment major, a multinational conglomerate, professional Indian human resources memberships and networks etc.

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