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Think music at work and you find yourself asking, does listening to music at work actually help employees?

The case for music at the workplace

Extensive research suggests that listening to music at the workplace makes employees more productive. You read that right. Music helps complete tasks faster, think out of the box, and, indeed, concentrate better by cutting out other distractions.

An uninterrupted stream of superbly curated music and carefully structured information flow in the form of a customized radio station is a far superior alternative to FM radio stations with their frequent commercial breaks. In-house radio provides an interactive platform to engage with co-workers through song requests, dedications, messages, interviews with colleagues and seniors – the best of radio, tailored for you, sans the interruptions.

Customised radio stations help overcome barriers in communication, ease institutional hierarchy and create a closer-knit work environment, fostering a community that works better together.

The Timbre Experience

Infosys, one of India’s largest corporate entities, approached Timbre Media to help improve employee engagement and overall satisfaction. Timbre Media studied the target audience and planned a radio service that catered to the tastes of the demographic: from young adults starting out in the industry to middle and senior management.

With an expertly curated mix of music ranging from contemporary hits to evergreen classics across the most popular genres, the radio station also involved the employees themselves, with radio jockeys often inviting them on air to participate, discussing topics concerning employees, the company, events at various campuses and important HR communications. Well-researched interviews with senior management help convey the organization’s vision, mission, and core values.

This radio station quickly grew popular and also won the intra-organization award for Best HR Initiative of The Year. The radio station is now in its third consecutive year and serves as a successful template for many other clients who have implemented similar services.

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