Corporate Podcasts

Studies indicate that listening to music makes employees more productive. They

  • complete tasks faster
  • think out of the box
  • concentrate better

by cutting out distractions while lifting their mood and energy levels.

Blending uninterrupted music and carefully structured information is an extremely effective tool for business organizations. It is far more effective than written communication like email or newsletters, which are essentially one-way traffic, or videos, which can be resource intensive and distracting.

Timbre Media’s corporate podcasts and corporate radio provide interactive platforms to engage with co-workers. Music without commercial breaks, song requests, dedications, interviews with seniors, milestones, achievements – this is an unfettered experience that celebrates the people who make your company what it is. It eases institutional hierarchy, creating close-knit work environments.

Corporate podcast hosting offers visibility and voice to senior leaders who wish to stay in touch with geographically dispersed teams. Informal interviews on internal company podcasts ensure consistent, authentic communication with the workforce.

How corporate radio improve organizations-

One of India’s largest corporate entities approached Timbre Media to help improve employee engagement and overall satisfaction. Our team devised a very successful solution: an expertly curated mix of music – from contemporary hits to evergreen classics – played on the customized radio station where RJs invited employees on air to discuss topics concerning them, the company, events at various campuses, and important HR communications. Interviews with senior management conveyed the organization’s vision and core values in an effective, entertaining manner.

The radio station won the intra-organization award for Best HR Initiative of The Year. Its popularity saw many other organizations invite Timbre Media to create similar radio and corporate podcasts.

Timbre Media’s corporate podcasts provide an additional benefit. Surveys show 50%* – 77%* of all employees in India suffer from stress, with millennials being the most susceptible.

Timbre Media works with domain experts to provide internal communications podcasts or internal company podcasts that offer long-term value – wellness, health, self-help, upskilling, personal finance etc. These can be made easily available exclusively to your employees, helping you engage with them at a deeper level.

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