Employer Branding

Business organizations are distinct brands, and employees are an organization’s most effective brand ambassadors. We live and work in a world that is shaped by perceptions as much as it is by results, and effective branding goes a long way towards favourable human resource outcomes and value creation for your business.
A highly effective employer branding strategy helps attract world class talent and retains high performers in your internal talent pipeline, thereby benefiting your company’s bottomline, providing a long-term advantage over your competitors. Timbre Media’s customized radio and podcast solutions assist organisations enhance their brand’s perception in an increasingly competitive job market. Using audio creatively, with customised audio signatures, curated podcasts etc. that spotlight your company’s strengths, employee-friendly policies, and create a connection bridge between management and employees, we help you successfully communicate your company’s role as an innovator and a thought leader that honors talent and rewards performance.

Employee Induction

One of the biggest challenges organizations face these days is communicating their vision and objectives to new employees in a concise, empathetic manner. Successful communication of such imperatives imbues the workforce with values and motivations that are in alignment with the leadership and the larger goals of the business. If such communication is suboptimal or ineffective, it drags morale down, and may even lead to a culture of mediocrity.

Timbre Media’s Employee Induction training simplifies this all-important onboarding process using interactive radio and podcasting services to bring new recruits up to speed very quickly and effectively. Our highly-customizable training modules communicate the important concepts, company HR and diversity policies, code of conduct, CSR initiatives, perks, milestones, and provide leader sound bites. Our employee induction services make it easy for your organization to communicate one-on-one with every new joinee in a consistent, friendly, and relatable manner, ensuring that they feel welcomed and well-prepared for the exciting journey ahead

Learning and Development

Training new employees has become extremely vital for businesses and organizations. Bringing new recruits up to speed and upskilling them in the quickest time frame, at a time when revenues are under considerable stress, has become a highly strategic decision for most companies.

With business ecosystems evolving and transforming rapidly, timbre Media assists companies in upskilling their employees with the requisite skill sets at low costs. As soft skills like etiquette, communication, interpersonal skills and leadership increase in importance, our L&D modules can teach your employees these and other mission critical skills as well as knowledge in a seamless, time bound manner that keeps pace with your various deadlines. From training employees on organozational HR policies, SOPs, and product information to raising awareness about sensitive subjects like cross-cultural etiquette and sexual harassment policies, Timbre Media’s audio channels simplify the complex communication that on which modern business success hinges.

Employee Engagement

Effective employee engagement is the secret recipe that determines the success of any business organization. Quite simply, happy employees = fantastic results. Numerous studies have shown that listening to music makes employees more productive, enabling them to complete tasks faster, think out of the box and focus better.

A modern employee seeks fulfilling experiences and connections at work which create value in their lives and for society at large. Podcasts have become successful because they provide an easily accessible platform where such connections are made and strengthened.

Timbre Media’s audio solutions for employee engagement provides three distinct advantages:

You can

Keep employees informed about policies, practices, and changes.
Increase employee motivation and productivity by establishing a culture of trust.
Keep employees entertained through music and talk shows that create a fun, inclusive work culture.

Internal Communication

Timbre Media’s Corporate Podcasts are transforming internal communication, with more and more HR departments discovering the effectiveness and impact of customized podcasts for their employees. Timbre Media helps businesses by removing obstacles in communication, making organizational policies relatable at an individual level.
We are helping India Inc. connect, engage and create the best impressions with their workforce, even amidst unprecedented challenges, and build atmore inclusive, productive, and happier Workplaces. Our radio streams and podcasts excel at delivering messages, bringing employees even in the farthest location within the embrace of a unified voice that binds an organization together. These services by Timbre Media have changed the way India Inc looks at internal communication, and have won industry and intra-organizational awards, such as Best HR Initiative of the Year.

Audio Branding

At Timbre Media, we believe that every business and organization is a distinct brand. Every company requires a unique voice that communicates with internal as well as external stakeholders. Timbre Media helps companies develop their brand value using various auditory devices like brand signatures, jingles, brand taglines etc. Our team of content experts help position your brand better, expand your reach, and engage with your target audience.

Brand Positioning and Marketing

Young people today want to work in companies they see as cool, socially aware, and that are making a difference. Every company and employer is now a brand by itself.Companies that are proactive at shaping perceptions are viewed more positively intoday’s highly informed job market, enjoying high retention and low attrition rates.Timbre Media’s customized radio and podcasts have a proven track record in overcoming the challenges of employer branding and managing these perceptions.

Information and Entertainment

Timbre Media has produced and developed content for many of India’s biggest media and content houses. From finance, stock markets, sports, and business podcasts to special content, event-based programming, and daily news capsules – Timbre Media’s experts have created award-winning content that has informed and entertained millions of people across India and the world - on air, on ground, and online!

Brands that trust us

Timbre Media has been a trusted partner of world-class brands for 10+ years.