Internal and External communication

Communication Is Crucial

The question isn’t ‘why is communication important’…the question is ‘why are there companies that still do not take communication (internal & external) seriously?’

We live in an age of rapid information exchange, short attention spans, and perception management. And the global pandemic has shown us that companies that lag in communication (both internal and external communication) can quickly fall behind the competition. Miscommunication of goals, targets, policies, or processes can adversely affect deadlines and results. The leadership of any organization must maintain clarity in communication at all times.


Facilitate smooth dialogue

Timbre Media helps businesses by removing obstacles in communication and taking the information right to the individuals. Ensuring effective communication between the various verticals and facilitating a smooth dialogue between all your teams – especially in projects where diverse teams from around the world work towards a common goal – is an area where Timbre Media’s solutions stand out.

Our radio streams and podcasts excel at delivering messages, whether they be policy changes, product launches, crisis management, upcoming events and campaigns, or any other employee communication. We ensure that your message reaches down to the last employee in the farthest location.

Facilitate smooth dialogue

Seamless Information Flow

Seamless Information Flow

Our API interface allows your company to control how this information flows outwards from your organization as well. Using podcasts and curated messages that can be shared on your company website as well as social media, we help you exercise greater control over how you engage with employees, with the wider public, and shape perceptions.


“In these times when people are stuck at home, the radio has been an amazing initiative to reach out to the last man standing across the globe. The experience is just amazing. Quality is at par with any professional FM radio and the RJs – especially Supriya – for sure are one notch better. The technical and support teams are just amazing. We could have not asked for anything better in these times for our employees. Thank you for partnering with us”.

President, HR Essar Capital & Chief Executive Officer, Essar Foundation
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