One of the biggest challenges for any company is keeping employees interested enough to come into work feeling positive and productive every single day. Nothing pleases the bosses like someone enthusiastic about the work they do. But, getting employees to feel this way by themselves is quite hard, and as employers, you can make their ‘stay’ as pleasant as possible. Here are 10 ways to keep employees’ interest and productivity levels going even in the toughest circumstances.

1. Cut out the Distractions

Different employees have different styles of working. Some are glued to their desks, some walkabout, and chitchat with people they bump into, and some do both in spurts throughout the day. Distractions like unimportant meetings, emails, phone calls, and encroaching on personal space when they’re busy should be avoided completely. As per a study, 47% of employees say that the time spent in unnecessary meetings was one of the biggest time-wasters in a workday. Wait till the end of the day if it’s not that important.

2. Empathize Quality over Quantity

Let your employees know that their work quality should be the objective, rather than the number of things they can do. Reward good quality effort, and if needed give ideas to employees to chew on to provide them a minimum standard of work that’s expected of them. A 2014 study revealed that employees who put in 70 hours of work to complete a kind of work produce nothing significantly more than those who put in 50 hours.

3. Have a ‘Fun Zone’

Around the water cooler, a special room for play, or even meeting up over lunch in the conference room – all are great for employees to take a small break away from their desks while being a good chance to socialize at work about non-official stuff! Encouraging friendships at work is a great way to boost employee morale and also reflects on work, through effective and engaging collaborations across the teams.

4. Decorate the Workplace

Remember – the office is a reflection of YOUR brand, and employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. Since employees spend a big chunk of their day at the office, it is important for the surroundings and décor to be fun and exciting for them, while also being conducive to productivity. And if you’re stuck for ideas, invite everyone to come up with ideas about how to decorate the place up, or even their own cubicle. It’s a fun way to get everyone to work together while promoting team spirit.

5. Encourage Peer-to-Peer Feedback

While the boss may not know or even understand what the employee does on a daily basis, peers are an excellent source of positive or constructive feedback for him or her. Employees appreciate feedback from peers who understand their work, and such feedback helps them develop closer relationships with each other.

6. Don’t Frown on Social Media

Employees spending time on social media may seem counter-productive to the tasks at hand, but research has shown that employees who spend time on Facebook or Instagram are often quite productive as well. The key, of course, is to ensure a fine balance between their social media use and restricting it completely. A study showed that employees who used social media moderately at work were better multi-taskers, more productive, and happier at their jobs.

7. Listen to Grievances

Employees whose concerns and issues are listened to at work and addressed properly show greater satisfaction levels at their jobs. They feel welcomed, important, and more responsible at the workplace, which is a crucial contributor to office productivity. They acknowledge the support provided to them, and in turn, strive to support the company as well – a win-win for both parties involved!

8. Encourage Hobbies, Pets & Families at Work

Celebrate talented employees by giving them a platform at work. Whether they’re singers, musicians, painters, or even quiz buffs, show them that you care and that you’re proud of their talents and hobbies. Likewise, dedicate one day of the way for bringing pets to work and see how the office lights up with smiles and positivity. Also, encourage employees to bring their family to the workplace and see how they spend most of their day.

9. Have Team Outings Often

Whether to celebrate small and big wins, or just to take a break from the office environment, go out as a team to fun places such as amusement arenas, pubs, or even on mini-vacations. Such outings keep the fun factor alive while nurturing relationships even outside the office that inspire bonhomie and collaborations at work!

10. Communication is Key

Last but not least, one can’t stress enough the value of clear and effective communication. Focusing on discussing future ideas and opportunities instead of rehashing the failures of the past creates a culture of positive communication at the workplace. Even personal and group meetings to discuss shortcomings can be prefaced by some of the good things achieved before listing our criticisms and shortcomings of the individual or team.

Such small yet significant actions on part of the top management will ensure that the employee is at his or her best on all days, while firing on all cylinders, resulting in a productive, happy, and satisfied workforce!

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