One of the biggest learnings during the pandemic has been to figure how to adapt to the new normal, and how to help our clients do the same. As companies began to work remotely, employee engagement acquired a hitherto unexplored dimension and meaning. On one hand, employees began to explore a more flexible way of working and on the other, it became harder for them to interact and synergize with colleagues. At such a time, we created content that kept remotely working employees interconnected. We also encouraged our own teams to use technological tools as much as possible to work smoothly with colleagues and clients.  

Timbre Media has constantly evolved with the times and has diversified its expertise to match the expectations and demands of its clients. From creating engaging content for employees working in brick and mortar buildings to putting together podcasts and special programming to keep their morale high during the pandemic, we have done it all and we continue to surprise ourselves every day.

Employee Engagement Strategies

The best thing about working with hybrid content models as a company means relying on video conferencing, digital chats, daily staff meetings,  and  even using virtual team-building activities to create content that was not just work-centric, but to address the personal interests of employees, showcase their special talents, and even to address questions related to wellness, nutrition and mental health. Such shows, podcasts and events did not just help our clients negotiate this difficult time but also helped us rise above our own challenges with a healthy dose of motivation.  

We also found along the way that even a global pandemic should not stop a company from making  a big deal about professional milestones, birthdays, happy as well as sad events because this makes employees feel valued and noticed. 

Making new employees feel welcomed and ensuring that the veterans feel cherished also keeps teams in a state of balanced energy. 

Work Engagement

Just because employees are working from home does not mean they should not be in the loop of company brainstorming, news, and feedback and thus resulted in us creating informative bulletins for companies to keep their employees updated. 

We have also been able to support our own teams through illnesses, family emergencies, vaccination travails and a lot more because we believe that all professional relationships must have at their core, a pure human intention to support one another.

Offering flexibility to those who need it and structure to others who work best with it is also a skill we have mastered during the pandemic. Trusting that employees are doing their best under challenging circumstances is also important because micromanagement cannot work when people are already feeling disconnected from each other.

Helping employees achieve a work life balance may not be a priority for many companies, but some of the most successful employers encourage their workforce to maintain a healthy routine and ask for help if they are feeling overwhelmed, overworked or isolated. 

Team Engagement

The work from home model is here to stay but as we have learnt, virtual check-ins, giving employees breathing space and exuding a positive, reassuring air can help managers take care of their teams better. 

It is also important to clearly define roles, streamline internal communication and build a company culture that thrives on collaborating, sharing knowledge and synergizing.

Offering opportunities for growth and giving financial incentives to employees also inspires them to do even better,

In pre-pandemic days, we organised many company retreats and we will consider initiating them again once it is safer to do so.

We also ensure that employees who are not as tech savvy as some of the others, get the tools and knowledge to be comfortable with the challenges of working remotely.

The point being, whether it is our company or a client’s business, we believe that even in the new reality that we are all grappling with, that at the heart of every challenge and achievement is a human story. At Timbre Media, we never overlook it and always make an attempt to tell it to the best of our ability.

Brands that trust us

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