Does employee engagement still matter?

Most companies and organizations world over have tried every trick in the book when it comes to employee engagement. And, rightly so. Engaging one’s workforce is important for the health of any company and has proven to be useful in sustaining success. But, HR initiatives and mandates aside, employee engagement is intrinsic to creating and fostering a motivating, fair and inclusive environment for the very people who make your firm and define its success. Remember, engaged employees can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful company.

But, as mentioned above, most HR teams have tried every way of engaging employees. And while those methods continued to work for a while, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic soon rendered them ineffective. E-mailers, newsletters, and promotional videos no longer mattered to people as they were confined to the walls of their homes, left worrying about their safety and health, and coping with drastic changes in terms of the workplace (with work from home, longer hours and a transformation of their work lives). Further, without the possibility of physical/ in-person meet ups, the presence of personal connect vanished momentarily. There’s only so much reassuring messages over virtual medium can do, right?

Now, this, as has been studied and noted before, is where podcasts emerged as an efficient, innovative and engaging tool with regards to employee engagement. From personalized content tailor-made for one’s organization and its employees and workforce to a familiar voice that not only engages employees but actually engages with them, podcasts proved to be the perfect mode of virtual employee engagement. But, that’s not all. In recent times, another mode of virtual engagement has emerged, taking the intimacy that podcasts offer to new heights – live shows.

Live Shows – An Effective Employee Engagement Strategy

Sure, things have changed as a result of the total transformation of the workplace. In the work from home era, HR teams and internal administrative bodies had to adapt and structural changes were all but necessary. These structural changes meant budget tweaks, renewed employee engagement strategies and a fresh approach to team and work engagement. That being said, while some things changed and new processes were added to every employee’s work routine, some elements remained. Which ones are they? Well, town halls, all-hands meetings and weekly catch ups.

Think about it – these practices can’t really be done away with it. In fact, things like town halls and all-hands meetings are more relevant now than they’ve ever been. Connecting with senior leaders, the addressal of concerns and rewards and recognitions only set out to encourage, motivate and engage employees in times of uncertainty and possible demotivation.

The problem statement remains though – a simple Google Meet with hours’ worth of announcements, speeches and leader addresses isn’t going to achieve what every company is hoping for. And, live shows prove to be the perfect solution for that.

How Does a Live Show Work?

We’re all familiar with live shows on our TV sets, Instagram and Facebook feeds. But, now, live shows are being used to mobilise the work force and break the monotony of traditional communication. How, well, content creation companies like Timbre Media allow for the end-to-end execution of shows like this. From townhalls to the mediation of all-hands meetings and grand, celebratory roll-outs of rewards and recognitions, companies like this are now equipped to produce live shows that facilitate the same employee engagement functions as before, through new and exciting modes.

Featuring elements like a full-fledged show host, engaging conversations with leaders, game rounds and other fun elements, these live shows make routine activities more engaging and inclusive.

How can an external vendor help?

Production houses like Timbre Media provide a variety of services that facilitate new-age employee engagement within companies. Teams like these usually comprise creative content creators, experienced sound and video producers and attentive client servicing personnel – all together delivering an innovative and comprehensive experience.Right from understanding the functional requirements of an event like a townhall meeting or a rewards and recognition ceremony, to ideating and executing end-to-end show flows, to producing the final show, external vendors like Timbre Media can transform a common HR activity into something truly engaging and motivating.

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