Storytelling is really what makes us who we are.

Over the centuries, humans have used their voice as a powerful instrument telling stories – whether to children around the fire, to prepare fellow humans to fight a mythical beast that attacks at night, or even to spin tall tales to take others for a ride. There has been no shortage of compelling narrators, stories to tell and also eager listeners - provided the story is worth telling.

Podcasts have become an essential part of today’s storytelling saga, created with a combination of human imagination, persuasive voices, and solid technology to reach out to millions of people across the world. The ubiquitous podcast listener is found almost everywhere these days – in offices, gyms, at home, and even on sidewalks. This means that podcasts have more power and accessibility as compared to its immediate ancestor – the television. It comes as no surprise then, that more and more marketing and communication teams are using podcasts to reach out to their target audiences.

Fun fact:

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Podcasts have truly become the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to developing a sound content marketing strategy, pun intended.

There is ample research to show that podcast listeners are more focused on content, due to the fact that they actively choose to listen to a specific podcast episode. Not only that, for advertisers, listeners are extremely loyal to favored podcasts and highly recommend the same to their peers.

Here are 8 good reasons why YOU, as an organization or brand, should consider starting your very own podcast.

1. Podcasts are a great way to showcase your organization’s social intelligence. Right from your company’s culture, ethics, policies, CSR activities – put it ALL in one single podcast. This can help it reach the right ears and help shape perceptions of your company, internally AND externally. Using podcasts to establish thought leadership is another great way to make your voice heard in today’s crowded marketplace.

2. Podcasts can be listened to anywhere, and can be syndicated to different places such as your website, social media, your Spotify or Soundcloud channel, and many more. This means that your audience can listen to it at any time and from anywhere.

Fun fact: Podcast listenership is 2X that of social media, which means you reach twice the number of people as your Facebook post!

3. In a world shaped by perceptions, where every company is a brand, companies need to create and improve brand recall – both internally and externally. So why not use podcasts as a creative branding tool to shape perceptions, increase loyalty, and ensure high retention?

4. Use podcasts as an effective induction tool. In today’s new normal, companies are constantly faced with getting new employees up to speed with their values, objectives and policies, in the shortest time and with minimum expenditure. So, why not simplify your onboarding process with a customized podcast for new joiners containing structured modules about HR processes, SOPs, FAQs, etc?

Fun fact: Podcasts engage employees more with 4X accelerated learning, compared to traditional lectures, emails and other documents.

5. Podcasts are a great way to upskill employees, for both hard and soft skills. Upskilling in the shortest time and without massive expenditure is, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges faced by HR departments the world over. Use podcasts to creatively impart soft skills such as customer interaction, personal finance, or evenstress management. Use well-packaged audio snippets and modules for hard skills that an employee can listen to at his or her convenience.

6. Podcasts are a great way to engage employees, whether at the workplace or even while they are at home. Studies have shown that listening to music at work makes employees more productive, complete tasks faster and think out of the box. Not only that, podcasts are a great motivational tool that can be used to keep employees informed as well as entertained. It’s like giving them their very own radio station where they feel inspired and loyal, where a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork can be fostered.

7. Podcasts are a great communication toolthat cuts across time and geographies. Senior management have discovered that podcasts are a great way of keeping in touch with their workforce who are spread across the world. Important company messages, key policy information, and even interviews with senior leaders can be broadcast for employee consumption quite effectively. Many podcast initiatives by HR departments have won awards as great employee-focused initiatives.

8. Podcasts enable wide mass outreach by being communicated across different media. For example, an audio podcast can be uploaded on YouTube or even into written content to be shared far and wide enabling greater reach among peers and your target audience. This, in turn, creates better brand recall and thought leadership in the marketplace.

Fun fact: Podcasts are the most preferred learning and listening medium, with people preferring listening to them on the go.

Let’s face it: podcasts are a great tool to build a brand, grow a business, and promote expertise in a chosen field. It’s time you stop underestimating the power of podcasting, and to engage your audience in a new, non-traditional way. Use this power to promote products, advocate for social or business policy issues, and establish your organization as a thought leader in the industry.

Are you ready to wield this powerful weapon yet?

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