Rewards & Recognition

The world we live in is powered by hard workers, smart thinkers and passionate innovators, many of whom are responsible for taking our companies from point A to point B and creating new paths to explore in the process. But how do they find the fuel to keep going? What drives them to keep driving?

The answer lies in a most basic human tendency - the desire to be appreciated. The need to be acknowledged can be a powerful force behind one's excellent work performance, but can the lack of acknowledgment cause that performance to dip? The answer is yes. Which is why a timely system of recognizing and rewarding our employees is key in keeping them inspired and motivated.

Studies suggest that the only thing more valuable than money (in the context of a pay hike) is praise and employees are sure to be stimulated by any kind of praise that comes their way which ultimately will increase their productivity.

So how does Timbre Media bring together our unique content offerings to incentivize your employees?

Whether it's showcasing your top performers and highlighting their work or entertaining your employees and playing their favorite songs, we are always equipped to roll out the red carpet and shine the spotlight on your stars. We help you keep up with your goals of periodically incentivizing your employees so that they can, to put it simply, be happy.

To build and maintain this culture of appreciation, it's imperative to revisit the drawing board every now and then to stay fresh. Which is where we come in. While recognizing and rewarding talent, in theory, is doing exactly that, our practical approach comes from a place of wanting to keep your workforce on their toes, allow them to bask in the moment and give them something to look forward to.

These approaches could include celebrating a milestone by making one the star of a particular podcast episode, having conversations with leaders on all the achievements in the company, gamifying rewards and encouraging friendly competition, focusing on the lighter side of life and looking at the workforce not just as the workforce but as well-rounded people that deserve to be known and creating a holistic platform on which your people can thrive in more ways than one.

A combination of these approaches, customized to your organization and your work culture, is a great way to show your employees that you truly care about their well-being. Times are such that, on the racetrack that is life, pitstops need to be made to keep one’s mental state of things in check. In the spirit of wanting to be the fastest to finish, some lose sight of their mental wellness and suffer the consequences later, while others spiral and get stuck on the sidelines. As a company, providing these pitstops to refresh, re-energize and reward the work done by your people will prove to be the biggest gratification in the long run and we at Timbre Media promise to deliver the smoothest ride.

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