Corporate podcasts are a great way to connect with the people in your organization across distances, geographies, and cultures. We at Timbre Media believe podcasting is the ideal medium for internal communication, one that would benefit HR departments substantially.

This is the year of working from home – we live in a world of daily meeting calls and, in many cases, long work hours. At such a time, engaging colleagues and employees is a crucial requirement that goes beyond cursory communication. We understand that your organization has goals and targets that must be met, and your workforce needs to be productive to achieve the unity of purpose that delivers successful results. HR departments need to ensure that attrition doesn’t lead to a loss of productivity. This is where corporate podcasts deliver a winning solution.

What if we told you that podcasts are the best way to engage your workforce? Blending uninterrupted music and carefully structured information is an extremely effective tool for business organizations. It is far more effective than written communication like email or newsletters, which are essentially one-way traffic, or videos, which are resource-intensive and pose the risk of distractions. Our success with corporate podcasts, on the other hand, shows that they allow honest discussions on subjects that matter, unhindered by the constraints of traditional media. They are great for introducing new ideas, exploring any subject at length, and serve as an ideal communication tool at a time when consistent messaging within organizations is a real challenge. Now, some of you may think, we can always listen to online radio while working. But radio stations are too deeply anchored in the entertainment mold and are usually just distractions while adding no real value to a workday. However, when we hear the word podcast, we think informative and entertaining, even educational.

Timbre Media’s corporate podcasts have worked wonders for many top-flight companies MNCs in India. Our clients have offices across the country, and some even across the globe. But with Timbre’s podcasts, location poses no problem. Our proprietary app/API allows us to pair podcasts with your company’s website, making communication simple and easy. Despite the pandemic and the numerous lockdowns, our clients have used podcasts as a critical part of their communications – they interact with employees, engage in discussions, conduct interviews, even take song requests! – to increase the unity within their various teams. And this shows in their results. Many of our clients have reported growth in their productivity, and have actively expanded their employee engagement initiatives via corporate podcasts.

For instance, one of India’s largest corporate entities approached us to help improve employee engagement and overall satisfaction. We put together a solution that won the intra-organization award for Best HR Initiative of The Year! We customised an expertly curated mix of music – from contemporary hits to evergreen classics – played on the interactive podcast where RJs invited employees on air to discuss topics concerning them, the company, events at various campuses, and important HR communications. Interviews with senior management conveyed the organization’s vision and core values in an effective, entertaining manner.

We create podcasts by customizing the content to your organization’s requirements. Your organization’s work culture, shared goals, how you define and reward success, the average age of the workforce, – all of these have a bearing on what brings your various teams together. For larger companies, podcasts are the ideal answer to that all-important question – how do we bridge the gaps between generations, cultures, and other differences? This bridging begins when a company celebrates the people that make it what it is, and when everyone feels part of the larger whole. Communicating these concepts, the associated goals, and celebrating successes require a sophisticated, nuanced approach from experienced professionals.

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