As a business or an organization, no matter the size, your company’s perception as an ‘employer brand’ is a good barometer of the kind of talent it attracts. The very best talent goes to the best employers. For this reason, organizations and businesses would benefit greatly by creating and communicating their distinctive employer brand. One could even make the case that it has become imperative in Covid times, and will only become more integral to employee considerations in the future.

A reputable employer brand offers several advantages, from recruiting better candidates to reducing hiring & marketing costs and improving productivity. Organizations that still harbor doubts about investing in employer branding need to understand that in a hyperconnected world with 24*7 internet, your reputation – your employer brand - is no longer a game of status quo that can survive on an infrequent diet of annual/biennial marketing campaigns and collateral. Circa 2022, an employer’s brand is akin to a living, breathing entity, one that can rise or fall depending on perceptions. Managing these perceptions provides great advantages, and this process begins at home or, in this case, the office. With the help of modern communication solutions, like Timbre Media’s internal communication podcasts, your company can take its success to the next level by securing and retaining the best talent possible. Here are 4 advantages Timbre Media provides for your company that can radically transform your employer brand and communicate the value proposition to employees, both current and prospective. 

Retaining Talent: A strong employer brand is still one of the most powerful factors in earning employee loyalty. A company with a great reputation makes employees proud that they are part of it. From social cachet to life goals and belonging to an inclusive, welcoming company culture, research indicates that an employer’s brand image is pretty important to millennial employees. These days, a majority of candidates (even employees) peruse the social media handles of employers before applying for a job. Why? Because they want to gauge the company’s brand image and its culture. It helps them figure out if they can fit well within such a workplace and culture, and if they can see themselves pursuing a career in that organization. Employer branding podcasts and videos, which Timbre Media specializes in, help companies spread the good word and engage with potential employees in a meaningful way.

Attract the Best Talent (at reduced cost): If your company has a well-established brand image, and high engagement with target audiences, it doesn’t need to spend too much on recruiting. Potential candidates will seek you out and apply to positions frequently. It is far more beneficial to give some of your attention, and budget, to your branding or product development in order to get ahead of competitors. Recruiting becomes easier and less strenuous for companies that invest in branding and don’t have to spend too much time on finding the ‘right’ candidates. In simple terms, the candidates will show up if you demonstrate that you have what they seek. According to recent statistics, candidates are willing to accept lower pay if they work in a company with positive reviews and a well-known brand! For instance, with our large network of 40+ platform partners and distributors, Timbre Media’s ability to reach millennial listeners (your candidates and potential employees) across India offers a phenomenal advantage that can be leveraged to draw the best talent form across the country.

Your Employees are your Ambassadors: We cannot stress this enough – actual proof trumps everything else. An organization’s current employees become (de facto) brand ambassadors and as a result, hires through referrals increase. The more employees you have that talk positively about your company, the more top flight talent you attract.  Further, when current employees discuss business, it helps your company’s brand grow stronger without you having to spend wads of cash on marketing. A sincere good word from your employee raises awareness by word of mouth. Think of the windfall from an appreciative post on Facebook or LinkedIn. With podcasts and ‘videocasts’, you can reach out to a massive audience across India's social media. At last count, it stood at 15 million listeners/viewers. A happy workplace and an empathetic employer brand make for social media magic that has a domino effect. When brand awareness increases, employee performances see an uptick and so do your outcomes.

Improved Employee Engagement: A good employer brand cannot be faked or contrived – it is the result of progressive, inspiring leadership that cares for all employees. Such leaders understand that employee engagement is the glue that binds a workplace. People who work in organizations with a welcoming, inclusive and diverse work culture engage with the company much more actively, contributing to a strong, value-driven employee base that becomes the pride of the company. Happy employees are generally more motivated and enthusiastic. Motivated employees lead to business growth, revenue growth and overall financial stability of any business. A financially stable company is always more attractive to potential candidates, and helps employees feel more secure in their jobs. Conveying these messages accurately and seamlessly can become a complex task. This is where Timbre Media’s experience in employer branding and employee engagement come together to create content that bridges the gap between employer and employee, and showcases the best your organization has to offer.  

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