The COVID-19 pandemic threw up a whole lot of unimaginable obstacles. While the world joined hands to stand against the virus, our lives undeniably transformed in a matter of minutes. One of the biggest ripple effects was felt by companies and organisations world over. Work life as we knew it nearly became redundant, with employers and employees charging towards the "new normal" - figuring out what that basically means.

And now, as we have sunk our teeth into the new normal, work from home becoming the gold standard, the matter of employee engagement has become three-fold. It is not news that employee burnout became a major point of contention during these unprecedented times. And the old ways of both encouraging as well as combatting this particular aspect of work life, fell flat.

E-mailers, newsletters and reminders have notably become outdated ways of communicating with one's employees and stakeholders, often being ignored and ending up in the unread pile. It’s true – employee engagement has become a priority, now more than ever, but the even bigger question has become – how do you keep them engaged? If the traditional ways of communicating no longer hold good, what modes of employee engagement and communicationdo?

Well, as it turns out, podcasting is the new go to. Audio content services – podcasting, audio books, and more, have emerged as a great way to keep employees and their families engaged in this new work from home era. Think about it – podcasts allow for a more personalised mode of communication; there’s a voice to the information being disseminated. Further, it allows for an up close and personal look at different stakeholders and their lives.

And, in the recent months, it has become clear that podcasts are a powerful and effective way to motivate employee engagement. As a medium, they’re also able to reach families of employees, involving them I the happenings of their spouses/ partner’s work. From story-telling sessions to fun interviews and more, podcasts are the perfect way to get everyone involved.

Think of it like a radio show exclusively for your organisation. In terms of content, the opportunities are boundless. In collaboration with external vendor services, it’s possible, in this day and age to completely transform your employee engagement strategies using audio content services provided by experts in the field. Organisations like Timbre Media, for example, offer best in class services through an expert content creation team, well versed and creative producers and dynamic strategy.

Through history in media, it has been noted that the talk-audio format has many benefits. It actively engages listeners, proving to be a lot more useful than video (especially taking into consideration the saturation many are facing with video in the pandemic era). In addition, it allows for cross communication – communication spanning departments, hierarchies and more – making for a more transparent and inclusive workplace.

And, at a time where the idea of a physical workplace is nearly irrelevant, open and engaging communication is the need of the hour. Surely, it is what will keep employees going.

Podcasts and corporate radio shows have become major players both in the general content world, and specifically in the world of employee engagement and internal communications. And, for the uninitiated, a company like Timbre Media is the perfect start for the transformative journey every workplace is due to take on.

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