It’s interesting because employer branding has taken centre stage for many organizations in recent years, becoming an area of major focus. In fact, organizations and companies have even begun recruiting the help of external vendors or service providers to define and really fine tune their branding into something concrete and perceivable.

By definition, employer branding refers to an“employer's reputation as a place to work, and their employee value proposition, as opposed to the more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers.” Surely, these things are key factors in the talent acquisition and recruitment process. It’s vital for any company/ organisation in today’s day and age to carefully carve out their employer branding; at least if they’re looking to hire talent/ workforce that is best suited to them and that will align with their values and vision.

For talent on the lookout for new work as well, a prospective employer’s branding can be the difference between accepting an offer or not. In today’s dynamic world of business, branding encompasses a whole world of content – from vision and mission statements to the consistent delivery of messages – employer branding is the one thing that people will pay attention to. Your branding is your brand. If you have weak employer branding, potential employees are less likely to trust your organisation. If your employer branding is holistic and consistent, potential employees are more likely to take you seriously and trust you, thereby increasing said company’s potential to hire quality candidates.

Gone are the days of brochures, one-off LinkedIn posts and e-mailers/ newsletters. In recent times, there’s actually been a rise in the use of podcasts and internal radio to establish employer branding. Audio content is a sure shot and engaging way of fine tuning one’s employer branding in the market, making it accessible to anyone on the lookout.
Timbre Media, for example, an audio content production house, does a thorough job from start to finish, curating podcasts and radio shows for their clients. Through this method, each company has a consistent mode of communicating their employer branding, tailoring their messaging in the market. If you’re interested, you can check out their services here:

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