In these times of uncertainty induced by the pandemic, companies are facing their greatest challenge - employee engagement and motivation. At any given time, 3 out of 4 employees are open to leaving their jobs, and are on the lookout for better places to work at.

That said, poor engagement usually is a result of poor communication from senior management and/or HR - whether the company follows a vertical or linear hierarchy. This means that there is a lack of connection between leadership and employees, as well as a disconnect among employees regarding company values, mission and culture.

Organizations such as yours have goals and targets that must be met, and it is vital that your workforce needs to be productive to fully achieve the unity of purpose and deliver successful results on time. HR departments need to ensure that attrition doesn’t lead to a loss of productivity.

This is where corporate podcasts, specially customised for a company, save the day!

On a basic level, the engagement goal of a company podcast is threefold - deliver important information to employees, upskill them, and foster company culture and values. Additionally, corporate podcasts are a great way to connect people in your organization across verticals, geographies, and cultures.

We, at Timbre Media, believe podcasting is the ideal medium for internal communication, one that has hidden potential to benefit HR departments substantially!

Blending uninterrupted music and carefully structured information is an extremely effective tool for business organizations. It is far more effective than written communication like email or newsletters - essentially forms of one-way traffic.

Our success with corporate podcasts, on the other hand, shows that they allow honest discussions on subjects that matter, unhindered by the constraints of traditional media. They are great for introducing new ideas, exploring any subject at length, and serve as an ideal communication tool at a time when consistent messaging within organizations is a real challenge.

Many people assume they can listen to online radio stations while working. But radio stations are too deeply anchored in the entertainment aspect, and are usually just distractions while adding no real value to a workday. However, when we hear the word podcast, we think informative and entertaining, even educational.

Here are some ways your company can use internal corporate podcasts to inspire, motivate and engage employees

Pro tip: Employees don't enjoy listening to podcasts with high-sounding corporate jargon or endless SOPs read out to them. Give them an informal platform with meaningful and inspiring personal stories, some music to keep them going, and watch their productivity soar!

Here are some relevant considerations to keep in mind while planning an effective corporate podcasts strategy

  • The name, format and kind of host or radio jockey (RJ) required.
  • What goal(s) you want your podcast to achieve over time.
  • What do you want to communicate, and how (tone of voice).
  • What topics to include, and what not to.
  • What kind of guests to feature, including experts from within and outside your organization.
  • What technology infrastructure to use, to cover your entire workforce.

Timbre Media’s corporate podcasts have worked wonders for many top-flight MNCs in India. We create podcasts by customising the content to best suit your organization’s requirements. Although many of our clients have offices across the country, location poses no problem, with Timbre’s podcasts.

Our proprietary app/API interface allows us to pair podcasts with your company’s website, making communication simple and easy. Right through the pandemic, the numerous lock downs, and even during Work From Home (WFH), our clients have used podcasts as a critical part of their communications – to interact with employees, engage in discussions, conduct interviews, even take song requests!

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Remember, your podcast for employees doesn't just need to be formal and serious to get your message across. Our corporate podcasts provide employees their very own 'radio station', where they can request or dedicate songs, take part in exciting contests, and even showcase their talents outside work, to name just a few. Giveaway contests are also another great way to engage employees, with prizes such as tech accessories, gift cards, pizza coupons and even movie tickets!

Your organization’s work culture, shared goals, how you define and reward success, the average age of the workforce, – all of these have a bearing on what brings your various teams together.

For larger companies, podcasts are the ideal answer to that all-important question – how do we bridge the gaps between generations, cultures, and other differences? This bridging begins when a company celebrates the people that make it what it is, and when everyone feels part of the larger whole. Communicating these concepts, shared goals, and celebrating successes require a sophisticated, nuanced approach from experienced professionals.

Timbre Media has come to be known as the preferred podcasters for India Inc., and for good reason!

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or visit our website to find out how your organization can take advantage of corporate podcasts to enhance employee engagement, and deliver great results even during this difficult phase.

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