Understanding the world of internal communications

The world of internal communication has come a long way from the basics. You know, company- wide email announcements, newsletters, weekly mailers and the like. For most, internal communication strategy is now a top-shelf priority instead of an afterthought.

But, as the world of internal communication has grown, so have the number of tools that facilitate it. From internal internet platforms to special apps and more, the various ways in which a company can communicate with its workforce and stakeholders have changed drastically. And, that leads to an inevitable conundrum – the problem of plenty.

With so many tools out there, it can be extremely difficult to pick the right ones for your company and its priorities. From a communication standpoint, it’s not just about having all the shiniest tools at your disposal. It’s important that these tools also lend themselves to effective communication. No use trying to write on a whiteboard with chalk, is there?

Here are a few of the best internal communication tools for corporate use, that can facilitate smooth and effective dialogue in an organisation.

The best internal communication tools for corporate communication

1. Instant Messaging Apps:

Imagine having a company specific messaging app – like WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal? A messaging app that is specifically customised for your company’s needs and comprises features that enable faster and better communication can be a great boon for one’s organisation. Many use services like Slack that give you a platform to form groups, instantly communicate with colleagues and leaders, and most importantly, give you a unique set of emojis to keep things engaging. Jokes aside (though the value of unique emojis is undebatable), an organisation-specific messaging app can do wonders for quick and hassle-free communication.

2. Internal Forums:

An internal forum is almost always a good idea because it creates a unique and captive audience. With an internal forum, everyone in the organisation is directed to the same platform. From updates and important announcements to news and other communication material, an internal forum can be positioned as the only common place where all stakeholders of a particular company can interact – with the company at large, as well as with each other.

Further, a platform like this is great to address privacy concerns. Since only people from within the company can access the forum, information stays within the four walls of the forum, with no outside access.

And lastly, it’s a forum, not a property. This means that it can be used as a vessel to hold and facilitate all kinds of internal communication content. It can feature various channels or sections and allow for effective categorisation. When organised well, an internal forum can be very easy to navigate and thus, be used to communicate efficiently.

3. Employee Apps:

Employee apps are all the rage these days, but then again, it’s important to narrow down on the ones that can effectively address your internal communication needs and priorities, alleviating your internal communication strategy.

Employee apps can be used for a variety of things – to engage employees with entertainment content, to help them with things like productivity and work tips (especially during this work from home era), to give them necessary resources and much more.

Interestingly, during the pandemic, many companies built and used customised apps that provided employees with motivational content, easy-to-use fitness content, etc. in order to communicate with them and stay connected, while also giving them necessary updates from time-to-time.

Apps, just like outside the professional context, can really be used for anything. So, they’re a great way to address targeted needs (since they can be tailor-made and customised to match specific needs).

4. Podcasts:

Podcasts and customised audio content follow suit in terms of popular internal communication tools in the corporate world, and surprisingly so. It’s true – when one hears the words radio or talk-radio, the ways in which the same can be leveraged for corporate internal communication is not what first comes to mind. However, it turns out, they’re an incredibly effective tool that can engage, motivate and update employees at any given time.

The advantages with podcasts in the world of internal communication strategy are many. They are portable and so, can be listened to on the go. They are relatively more economical in terms of production. Further, given that they facilitate customisation and can feature tailor-made content, they can be used to target various needs in one’s organisation. From employee engagement to learning and development and employee induction, podcasts and corporate radio programmes make for some of the best internal communication tools in the world of internal communication today.

Ways to get started on your podcasting journey

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